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Minivans & People Carriers
We carry options for the busiest of families as well.  From compact minivans to medium size for the average family, to full size minivans for the largest of families among us.  Click here to browse our current van inventory.

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Looking for a good, reliable vehicle to commute, with plenty of space and functionality?  Browse through our selections of 3,4 and 5 door vehicles, ranging from hatchbacks to wagons to coupes.

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Trucks & SUV's
Our inventory of pickup trucks can run from the average work truck to the latest luxury pickups.  Click here to browse through our current selection of trucks available.

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Scratch & Dent Center
If your looking for a less than perfect vehicle that may need a little TLC, the Affordable Auto Scratch & Dent Center is the place to look for sweet deals and discounted pricing on used vehicles.
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