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Financing Questions

Loan Value:  Up to 90% of the sale price may be financed.

Down Payment:  A down payment of 10% of the sales price plus Washington state tax, licensing and doc fees is required. The minimum down payment is $750. If you have been at your employer for less than a year, or have other high risk factors, a down payment of 20% or more of the vehicle price may be required to secure in house financing. Some vehicles may require a larger minimum down payment at the discretion of the lender.

Interest Rates:  The interest rate charged under our Affordable Auto's financing program varies according to the customer’s length of employment, as well as other factors; i.e., no interruption in employment other than maternity leave. Time on maternity leave does not count for time on job.

See the front page of our website at www.shopaars.com for any specials in effect that may help reduce your interest rate!

50% Down Special Rate – A down payment of equal to or greater than 50% of the vehicle price is required for approval. Available on most cars. Call for details.

Affordable Auto Loan Rates

 50% Down Special Rate








  These rates only apply to loans with terms of 24 months or less. Vehicles priced at over $8000 may qualify for up to 36 month terms, at the discretion of the lender. 

Application:  All applicants (and co-makers or co-signers if any) must complete Affordable Auto’s pre-approval application and provide copies of their current driver’s license, social security card, auto insurance policy (or proof of full coverage insurance), their last two pay stubs and their last utility bill.

GPS Unit:  All autos financed with Affordable Auto are equipped with anti-theft GPS devices that allow Affordable Auto to locate the vehicle at any time. All customers must agree not to tamper with the GPS device and, if requested by Affordable Auto, bring the auto in for service on the GPS within three (3) business days.

Insurance Coverage:  All customers financing vehicles with Affordable Auto are required to carry full coverage insurance with GAP throughout the course of the loan. The GPS units installed in all financed vehicles may also provide a discount with your insurance carrier. Contact your insurance agent for specific details.